Welcome to LV Moore Art Studio

‚ÄčDear Parent/ Student:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  I am looking forward to working with you and am encouraged to meet the challenge of motivating you to achieve your highest and your best, not only in Visual Arts but every area of your academic career. 

This school year comes with change and transition, especially in Visual Art.  The student schedules have been designed to help you assimilate to the middle/junior high school environment.  You have one special area/activity class per marking period, so you will only be in my class this quarter, meeting three days a week.  Due to this change we will be moving more aggressively, to cover the required curriculum.  For example, there will be homework assigned as well as projects that will need to be completed outside the classroom.  All assignments will be posted on my class page so that everyone can remain informed and work collaboratively.

As per the district grading system, grades are averaged numerically, including special area classes.  Consequently, there will also be written assignments such as: quizzes, tests, and essays to supplement projects.  I do not grade based on drawing ability, but whether or not the skills and principles have been acquired.  All projects/assignments will be accompanied by a rubric so that the expectations are clear.

Housekeeping…the guidelines for my class are as follows:
Listen and follow directions                
Stay in your lane                   
Respect yourself and others              
Respect the materials              

Grading policy: Late assignments will be marked down.  Homework will only be accepted at half credit and points deducted for tardy projects will be reflected on the rubric.

Tests/Projects        ....35%
Homework             ....20%
Quizzes                 ....15%
Classwork              ....15%  
Participation           ....15% 

Students are required to have a one subject notebook.  Regarding tests, students are given a week to re-take a test with their notes to achieve a higher score. However, they must used their own notes and the test must be taken during their free time i.e., recess, before or after school.  All projects can be done over to achieve a higher score with no time limit. Please Check the class calendar for assignments and corresponding assignment pages for directions and samples.

*Calendar dates for homework are due dates not assigned dates. 

I am available for extra help before school from 7:30a.m.  -8:30a.m. and after school by 3:00p.m. -4:00p.m. , advance notice needed.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Creatively Yours,

Visual Arts