L.V. Moore Media Club

Welcome to our page. 

You will find the latest broadcasts and copies of the L.V. Moore Times here.  If you are having an event in your class,  a student's writing sample, a movie or book review or even a joke, please send it to us, we'd love to hear from you. Your submission will have an opportunity of being published or viewed in one of our broadcasts.

Staff of the LVM Times Newspaper and Broadcasts:

Editor-in-Chief-                     Summer Tyler 6th grader (Madison)

Assistant Editor-                    Justin Onuoha 6th grader (Steinhauser)

2nd Assistant Editor-             Miles Neal 5th grader (Baca)

Feature Writer-                       Adrianna Blaise 5th grader (Pasquarella)

                                                Shane Cilaire 6th grader (Madison)

Advertiser-                             Laiya Philogene 5th grader (Durant)

Editorial Writer-                     Amina As-Sayyid 5th graders (Dupont)

                                                Sophia Huisacayna 5th grader (Baca)-Broadcast Team       

Entertainment-                        JaNyaa Rozzelle 6th grader (Madison)

                                                Natalie Andrade 5th grader (Santos)

Sports Writer-                         Kire Richardson 5th grader (Sumner)-Broadcast Team

                                                Joshlyn Miles 5th grader (Pasquarella)-Broadcast Team

Reporter-                                 Jayden Nelson 6th grader (Steinhauser)-Broadcast Team   

                                                Sarah Cadet 6th grader (Madison)-Broadcast Team

Editorial Floater-                     Amanda Gorgoroso 5th grader (Braxton)-Broadcast Team



                                                Morgan Jenkins 6th grader (Steinhauser)

                                                Irvingka Alexandre 5th grader (Petrucelli)

Videographer:                          Miles DuBois 6th grader (Steinhauser)

The Teacher Advisors are:

Mrs. Perez                                                                            Nurse Angel

Mrs. Petrucelli (on Maternity Leave)                                   Ms. Maynor

Mrs. McNeil                                                                          Mrs. Steinhauser

Ms. Parham                                                                            Mr. Dorisme